Sunday, April 01, 2012

He's Got Game

Insecurities run down my

Spine, stick around there

Like LSD, and every so

Often a flashback occurs

Reminding me of past


The time I tried a joke in

Class and heard silence, or

When I had such a witty

Retort that I laughed telling

It, only to see contemptuous


These memories build up

Until my spine cracks. I

Can’t walk quite right, I

Can’t talk quite right, I’m

Not quite right in my own


These memories drown me

In the past, while in the

Present I stumble, stutter,

Try to find the right line or

Right step and miss every


Sometimes, when I’m not

Looking for it, a good line

Breaks through, a

Moment that’s as

Fragile as Dandelion


Some composure is regained.

I’m a baby learning to walk

And talk right again, and

Hope that, this time,

Maybe something will


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