Wednesday, August 31, 2005


awake again - upsidown - drifting through time -with my good eye closed -still broke -still need a cigarette -but thats irrelevant -searching for relevance -no relevance -just soap operas -no soap -radio? -the alarm screams in agony -searching for my keys -with my good eye open - no keys -just dust -dust where time attacked my room -time is selfish -searching through every channel on my television -no relevance -just soap operas -no soap - radio? -dust - dust where time found my radio - ah! -still works- adjust the antenna - static- big bang -big boom -boomtown rats? -no rats -just soap -soap -no radio -still broke -smoking a cigarette - still - awake -upsidown -concentating hard on stopping time -more dust lots of time -asleep

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