Monday, July 10, 2006

I want eyes wide and deep and clear
Like perfect emeralds
In crystal saucers of spring water

And to be in speech so enchanting
with tongue made of quicksilver
To pry minds
Or win hearts

I want movement so alluring
Fluid and feminine
in perfect pace and liquid gait

With a name not to know
But to worship or fear
Art not an artist
As an idol venerated
To be an empress revered

And should I fall to the dogs
To eat every bit of me
Bar the soles of my feel and my palms
So be it

And should I ask for the head
Of the latest profit
In exchange for a dance
I promise
It worth it

For I want to be
So charming as to unarm america

I want to be ethereal and perfectly attuned

I want to be a glass harmonica

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