Wednesday, July 26, 2006


livingston and i decree.stop.the moral ambiguity.stop.of coral door and hangmans noose.stop.the beauty of the lipstick bruises.stop.can you telephone with news of hope.stop.or is your bill oustanding.stop.tie a yellow ribbon round the place where you dispise.stop.lick a micraphone or a light socket and fry babe.stop.i live to see the hair stand on end.stop. and if i'm the cause then i can deal with you in stiches.stop.and i split in my good side.stop.lets cremate somthing special.stop.and mix the ashes into ice tea mix.stop.for better or for worse.stop.and the deal with nomenclature is really just a hollow log.stop.with teeth enough for five.stop.and ambition enough for numerology to rethink its boundries.stop.

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