Thursday, July 13, 2006

Skipping drunken
Home from yur place
And drizzly nights like these
Are ‘sposta feel weighted
And serious like sad writers
And tomorrow ‘sposta feel awkward
But I feel like skipping still
Home from yur place

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Anonymous said...

Hazy and crazy
just like the weather
With all of this wisdom
I ought to know better
I never had a chance

Just one lil look
Is all that it took
What was I thinking
It must be the drinking
My foundation suddenly shook

Now i'm in trouble
Pour me double
You know I don't even dance
Enough with that winking
Adorable blinking
I should really be slinking away

From this bar full of guys
To the stars in you eyes
How did I get in your home
From a handful of beers
To giggles and tears
and now i'm writing you
poems.. luv j