Thursday, August 03, 2006

the holes in my back

your banter and ruse and clever misfortune
the words are not free here and you certainly can’t afford them
so pawn everything you ever thought was true, snap the cables burn all the wood
find yourself you
hung broken and used
drained like pen and ink and all the wasted paper shredded wet in the sink
your lost causes, your guilt, and every time you decided it was the better idea to throw aside
your life for anothers
cause all good goes unnoticed these days
and every poor excuse for a human heart has more than one face
fuck the blissful and ignorant, I’d rather the bitter blood in these veins
cause if you can’t live on the blind side you’ve already lost half the fight
join up the circus, all the cackling fools, gorge, lust, night life, and endless amounts of booze
you’re still unhappy in the daylight where your remaining nerve endings sizzle
twitching at the true feeling of innocence you can no longer grip well
there’s just one more smile atop the ever increasing pile of liars
lost and found pieces
and I’m sure gettin tired
so here’s to smashing the masks at the front door
and to living this life who we all really are
my bed is as opened
and a heart longs for more
grab the wind while you can, it was ment to be yours
cause there's stolen eyes like a fascist's surprize
on too many late faces all over this nation
that I trip and fall
and you own the floor

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