Saturday, August 26, 2006

if it's gonna get better

it’s still dieing
and he’s laid back watching

while she bleeds and cries
tears washing blood from her thighs

it’s still dieing
he’s just laid back watching
feet up yawning

she’s still bleeding now screaming
outstretched hand begging
back broken
legs tangled
bleach sheets red and
it’s still dieing

he’s now sleeping
the raise and fall of melodic breathing
is all he can feel and

she’s still bleeding
can barely breathe in
through her chest heaving
eyes closing
blood pressure falling
it’s dead now and
she’s dieing

and no self induced opiate sleep
his nightmare or dream
could erase her face
the stains and pain
from the morning
or the light

he sits alone
his body cold
hers still warm
he’s dead
always was
long before
the child
and the woman
motionless beside him

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