Monday, August 28, 2006

one more simple revolution

all ye peaants and paupers
ye kings and wordsmiths

the end of greed and death is upon us

the old ways of plakard and protest are behind and the call for reason means only that you and i have a common goal.

distractions aside and memorials to boot, this is a chance oportunity.

can you see it?
just beyond the horizon it waits for your eyes to move in unison with your hearts. the vitals have been checked and the pulse of this baron land has gone cold and dead.

all that is left are the ideas of men who refused to stand idle and watch as their freedoms and rights be destroyed.

a simple invitation to you my dear comrades, to join in the struggle of all mankind to be free from fear and hatred and pain.

simply refuse to walk in line and you too shall know what i know:

that the truth can not be covered with news reels and worthless ink

and that tommorrow can trutly be what today has failed to be;

ours for the taking.

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