Monday, October 23, 2006

newcentury choir

you got some bad information
somebody steered you wrong, babe
telling you about the temperature neon burns,
the bright pain on yer retinas -

close those eyes and trace that
scar with crayon, some kid'll
tell you it looks a lot like
Ghandi dressed up in flashy rayon suit,
"got money for nothing and my chicks for free"

he knew that revolution con game -

shoot out a few walls or
don't eat for a few months
and soon your face is on a
t-shirt, or some college kid's screen saver

feet scraping the road is the newcentury choir

I'm lost in a thousand Americas

eyes like yours were made to crumble walls


Lilly said...

continue to blow my wont bother me one bit

Apotheosis said...

Liquid neon is a cryogenic refrigerant. Neon is not normally liquid... it is usually an inert gas; colorless odorless and tasteless. That is, rather, that it does not affect human taste buds. I wouldn't really call it tasteless...maybe a bit garish... I have no idea at what temperature it might burn.

Mac said...

Well, by "burns", I guess I meant "gets really bright".

Poetic licence, you see...

Science - 1
Poetry - 0

Lilly said...

I'll tell you the way neon tastes....just like the acid I ate last week...and it definatly burns....

...the brain that is.