Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Saved and Spare

take the change
pennies tossed to the street
lost the right way
back to a heart ache
could pour cold steel
down the back of my throat
could pull at the triggers
could hold back and choke
cause I’m more afraid of love
than the tears that never come
so scared of sitting still
but not afraid to run
could be a coward
or lost to the over glaze
but I know just when I’ve found it
and when it’s gone astray

so take the change
as pennies tossed to the street
run them under water
baptize their memory

1 comment:

Nickie said...

Dear Lilly...I love your poetry. So, on this eve of your twenty-second birthday (what? a birthday that only lasts for 22 seconds!!!)I will not attempt a poem of my own but I will leave this one for you, which I love almost as much as I love you.

Second Growth
by Winifred Welles

We know that the
birch tree always will grow
where they cut down the pine.

This is the way of the forest,
and the same way shall be mine.

For now that my sorrow lies stricken
and shadow in me is done,

I too shall have years of laughter
and of dancing in the sun.

Aunt Pickle