Friday, August 10, 2007

lifes a beautiful addiction if you can live through yourself long enough to feel it

I have something for you
but you must understand
once I've given it all
poured it all out
into the finest crystal wear
it's done
the bottles empty
I have no more
and I can't give you any
and I'm gone

you must know
they've placed razor blades in there
and it hurts
as it should
when you drink the blood of life
taking swig after swig
not appreciating any of it
and howling at the burn
unfortunate razor blades up turn

but once the bottles empty
and there's no more life left in store
cause supermarkets don't stock magic moments
and there's no pre-packaged dreams for you to score
when all you have left is hesitance
yer frightened, bloody bored
and nothing moves you
like it use to
I can only give
decanted hope and reassurance
that everything will be fine
I promise
when you finally stand up to the face
that glares back at you everyday
reflecting your every miss-action upon you
in it's contorted mirror ways

...that's why they throw in razor blades
to clink against the glass with each velvety swirl
threatening as they slide
to bleed you out from the inside

I'm tired of loving empty bottles
and trying to fill them when they've been drained
It's time we stood up to one another
there's many confessions to be made
and not just to each other
but to the faces looking back
as we stare into the mirror

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