Thursday, August 16, 2007

plastic sunset

from what i've seen
lacking wings
inspiration and beauty
can't rest still here
in this body of fire
even throughout sleep
i dream or nightmare
in movements
that wake the bed
I'm sharing
every feeling
like money
when i can't really
hearing every footstep
walking over me
and if it's kindness that kills ya
i think that i'm dying
can't change faces
this one is my only
eyes afloat subtly
one would barely take notice
but i do see
where this is going
what sweet intentions sprout from
there's no light
in this plastic sunrise
there is no hope
to shake the smog from these bones
can i just dance please!
like i have a soul
in this city of angels
watching the plastic sunset
and if it's kindness that kills ya,
i think i'm already dead

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