Thursday, October 25, 2007


Dear Lilly-on-the-couch,
- Can I tell you of adventure and heartbreak? The greyhound bus to history and the things that I have done? Or shall I simply say that I have missed you so much and that someone called you tragic, and I told that someone that you were just a poet.

Dear Apotheosis-in-my-mind,
-Tell that fool we are tomorrows eternal slap in the face... we are for its restless seekers... a soda - pop rock generation. We are would 'bes and rusty earthquakes and reality romance novels and unbuttoned cuff links and running with scissors fraying ends upon ends upon ends. This is this and now, and we are all waiting in between the lines of immortality and decomposition and this is a wicked kind of love and an adoring hate and for every stone thrown in the crowd someone goes down enlightened and this is walking walking walking running in a circle and these are electric mornings and brush fire burnings that we light our souls off of and we smoke each others dreams and watch them slowly form the clouds and we are collectively step by step painting every barren wall with light... we write ink and pen we are infinite we are something in this nothing we are for the ones to come and you are one of us and if thats tragic kid...well I'm just fine with it...

Dear Lilly-should-be-sleeping-
If I were to tell the fool a thing...and I wont be... I would tell him just that. But really, I should have just told you, I miss you, and I have a check for you, and I love you, and I think I might still just be a poet after all.

-Apotheosis day-job-in-danger-

Dear Apotheosis-slightly-burping-
4:26 in the mourning, I'll be west again by 11 a.m. Unfortunately without you with me. Because ya see I've discovered the perfect remedy for tragedy's like you and me, ---interjection--- "Beer?" -apotheosis---- response to interjection "no silly"- Lilly--- No amount of alchol or mercury, could save you from the poetry. Sleep depervation!!! now thats the key and even that cant save you from your own sanity.

Dear Lilly-nothing-else
Call a cab

Dear Victory cab
come pick me up,I've got another train to hop. Apotheosis is too drunk, thank the gods she's still a poet!

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