Thursday, October 18, 2007

electric pop fizz on the mambo circus diet

a little less than fresh, but i'm finding ways to keep from rotting
telephone chaingang warnings to the massives
put down and pick up and save till your full of time well spent in a dead end paycheck.

fingers split and blackened from the time you wake
and your back aint been the same since the bottom fell out
i tell you this again that the nuetral colors make for borring conversation
i'm an earth tones kinda stumble with a grin to dimly light the room

she wore that brown dress today and i hope i didn't ruin in with all the rattle and crash and back seat indigestion

you see i'm almost back to gravy baby, just a few more decades and i'll be growing up a little

1 comment:

Mac said...

sweet fuck that was good