Wednesday, October 10, 2007

my night, his words

that night
so many eye blink eternities ago
and visions of johanna
mingling with acoustic guitars
and barbaras backup vocals
sung all throaty
aint it just like the night
to play tricks when yr tryin to be
so quiet
(tryin to be so quiet)
that night
visions of johanna
with seductive MOLLY and cornstarch
tickling synapses in the
blurred throbbing visions of johanna of it all
that night
swimming in acoustic chords
with that little girl lost
holdin a handfull of rain
wonderin if it was me or her that was insane
that night visions of johanna
in the pot smoke
I watched float in the damp dark
and dance with that timid cat
before those eyes of all those all night girls
and shaved head boys
with ghost electricity howlin
in the bones of their faces
while the country music station played soft
but there was nothin
really nothin to turn off
(really nothin to turn off)
that night
smelling of pine needle gin
and soakin in honey brown ale
with the acoustic guitars like loose strung angels
and barbara's throaty vocals haunting the backdrop
and all the unamed chemicals and the way they creep beneath the skin
and those visions of johanna
kept me up past the dawn
(past the dawn)

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