Thursday, December 06, 2007


that borrowed brown hat has fallen to the Mission steets more then once this evening
she loses it as she tips back her head to meet his gaze
he makes love in the streets of every city
while her old fashioned frills keep her cautious
but she weakens in his presence
and finds herself shipwrecked in his arms
for moments

when he stares
he beams through her
with eyes of blown glass
and an unreachable fear
but as the sun hops from cloud to cloud
hiding itself from the city
it catches in his eyes
setting small fires
warming her inside

there's a pattern here
that they both recognize within themselves
pride ego infatuation
the "idea" of "love"
it's the one thing they are afraid of
for they fall hard and fast
and passion, an addiction

so he's under the assumption now
that she loves him
that she is in love with him
giving him control of the situation
but truly, on her end
she knows where her heart is
and that it could be his
for the profile does fit
her usual attraction

but does he know what he does?
and could he accept an explanation?
could they finally let it all out
everything they've kept bottled up
so many answerless questions
crowding their heads
though inbeded deep in their subconscious
a natural longing
and a spin they fall in
time and time again
regaurdless of love
they don't commit

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