Saturday, December 08, 2007

first snow.

covering the tiny village that we call home is the finest blanket of olympic white. all the tiny blades of grass, autumn's fallen leaves, and our car are made to look uniform this time of year. soon, we know, the blanket will be retracted to show the things that we once forgot in times of wintry celebration. spring will devour the cold and force our jackets aside for lighter clothing. but it's no more revealing than that of our normal wares... scarves discarded, sweaters left at home, and shivers maintained to stillness and smiles. the first snow is almost gone now, and likewise are the raw days of loneliness, nipping at the noses of our hearts, and making numb our fingertips. but frostbite will give way to sunburn and salty air... while we are indoors warming by the fire, we are leaking out from cracks in doorways and window sills, our heat forcing the freezing back to its home in the north. and the first snow... it's almost gone now.

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