Monday, December 17, 2007

It didn't feel much like I imagined Colorado might feel like...

It was just then that I realized,
it wasn't good clean fun any longer.
as she gyrated and rode it out
and the conductor smiled
like I imagine a man at a donkey show would smile
but there were no donkeys
just drunken asses
and a mechanical bull

he didn't want her to let go of that kill switch
'don't let go of that fuckin' button!
ride it baby ride! donchyu dare let go!'
I felt like maybe I shouldn't be there.

she finished
got off
fixed her pants and walked back to the bar

I looked around and saw the men
begin to salivate
at the sight of what could only be
fresh meat

I wondered if she'd let herself
fall right out of her own shirt
Thank God
atleast alittle dignity left in the world.

she cut the ride short.

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