Monday, May 05, 2008

There was also an old jukebox

Do you remember that night?
You and I went to the city to hear my friends band
But you knew laughingly that you weren’t going to like them
And we parked near a chain link fence near construction
And it smelled like construction dirt

We were early
And slightly awkward about where to eat
We had burgers in a restaurant that had paintings of elephants
And the air conditioner was too strong
You’re friend was in town
The healer

Checkered floors

The bar had checkered floors
And you weren’t impressed with the band

We were standing outside smoking
With your friend
The healer

And some kids took us to a rave down by docks and factories

Do you remember when that happened?


marionerin said...

what exactly does construction dirt smell like???

apotheosis said...

it's not like the wet dark dirt you buy for your plants at the garden store, that dirt smells like wet and green and wormy, and also not when you were a kid and dug holes and your hands would smell like dirt and cookies, Construction dirt smells dry and dusty and a little bit like the oil and the gas from the machinery that rolls over it all day. You know the kind of dirt I'm talking about, Its kinda yellowy and brakes in clods and its really only found at construction sites because I guess its technically clean fill?

It smelled like that.