Sunday, May 11, 2008

rules and companions
consolations, clues
decrees to keep,


marionerin said...

a lot of your poems rhyme, but they are not so sing-songy like a lot of rhyming poems i read... i like that.

question: do you like bukowski?

i only ask because i picked up some sarcasm in yer bukowski poem...

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. I'm self-conscious about being too pretty and singsongy, so it's nice to hear you say that.

I'm not a Bukowski fan at all. I tried to be, I really did, hence the poem.

Do you like him?

marionerin said...

I haven't really read any of his poetry but I have read his novels and I am a fan. I have to admit, it did take some time to really get into him (my ex-boyfriend is a HUGE fan).

Did you read Bukowski's novel, Women?

The ending of that book was what made me change my mind about him.

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't read it. Maybe I should give it a shot.