Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In an attempt to create a complete body of work, as writers, I thought it would be "cool" if we all tried our hands (quite literally) at writing a short story.

The idea here is to have it all published in The Idiom (I hope), our "sister magazine," if you will. And further more, to start shopping a more complete body of work around to be published by a larger publishing house (no offense mark, I love you).

After speaking with a few of you, I thought this would be a great idea since alot of authors write poetry and short stories and novels etc etc etc. Also, I just thought it would be nice to see some more stuff come from Walking English and end up in the Idiom as well.

The target being to have a final draft/post up on the website in July that would accumulate to anywhere from 2-6 pages, I'd say...but you tell me.

If putting it on Walking English worries anyone about plagarism, we could always mail it directly to the idiom or pass it amongst ourselves for constructive criticisms, cheers, sneers and Pam Griers.

Comments, Questions and Criticism are all greatly appreciated.


marionerin said...

i remember you and mac and mark talking about this sunday...
i think it's a great idea. it's always good to see other types of writing on here besides poetry.

i wrote a couple of short stories and plays for a creative writing class i took at rutgers... i'm gonna revise some of them and post them. :)

Lilly said...

anything that is posted on walking english is automatically copyrighted or whatever to the authors so no one needs to worry about plagiarism...joe i like this idea a lot, not so much for publication purposes but for the community effort...keep the rabbit in the loop and all, i'd love to be a par of this even thought i'm miles upon miles away! love you all

keep shining!