Friday, June 20, 2008

My ex had a Sigmund Freud figurine glued to the dashboard of his van.

He was a psychology major and obviously, a huge fan of Freud. And on drunken nights, when I would reveal my "repressed" feelings or said something that intrigued him, he would turn little Freud's adjustable head over towards me. Then he would try to psychoanalyze me.

It bugged me out.

I broke up with him.

I was never really into astrology. I came across a book on astrology one day shelving in the non- fiction area of the 130s at the library I work at. To kill some time, I started reading it. They say those with the astrological sign, Scorpio, make great shrinks. Scorpios like to pry into other's thoughts, analyzing every single detail. They usually can read people very well. Yet Scorpios are some of the most secretive, private people you will encounter. It usually takes them a while to open up to people and don't like it when others pry.

My ex and I were born just hours apart.

My ex and I are both Scorpios.

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