Friday, June 27, 2008

Solved by Sam Flot

by Sam fLOT
Flashing out from inside the burning inner being
Self-Learning indulgently to take in the flow
And accept what comes towards me
To make the best of all the waves informing me
Ceaselessly, slowly building chaos
Into some kind of chatterbox order
Sane only when considered with static undertones
Overlaid with blissfull excavation extended
Coming out from the natural middle
Coming out from consciousness of bended emergence
Combining clarity of vision to the physical world
Permeating any false considerations
Rendering them useless
So that when all the ifs are added up
And all the maybes are subtracted
Then we can understand the beauty of the rift
We find inside ourselves
Inside so far it was outside almost any type of
Literal canvas or painted window
Any drumskin or stop sign
Searing into the middle center soul
Based inside but often displayed to humanity
Like newborn chicks try to cross the highway
Blasting out in all directions
Exploding asteroid parts
Sent through the universe in perfect syncopation
Over dimensions already uncovered to finish up
With all these cohesive parts
Making one giant puzzle
Ready to revolve
And be solved

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