Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another Last Night

Camel non-filters
and 92 proof rum
some one's screaming in the bedroom
sex or injury
I can't tell
bass is shaking the floor mats
vomit clings to the sink
belly shirts are lifting in the kitchen
drunk or easy
I can't tell
the kids are bleeding on the patio
the glitter queens are stuck in the mirror
pulling tasting wasted grace
dream or nightmare
I can't tell
frost on windows snaps the light inside
bouncing off the moment
blinding everyone from everything
death or glory
I can't tell


Lilly said...

Really really love this one.

Gunther the Snow Sheep said...

sad and beautiful... almost forgot how good you are with words.

Gunther the Snow Sheep said...

"product of loss" is the poem I'm referring to. Not sure i posted in the right spot. (I am just a snow sheep) ;)

Grayson Bartlett said...

gunther the snow sheep hasn't forgotten me. and I appreciate that*^
complements keep starving artists from fully starving