Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Universal Beeswax by fLOT

I know now
The sky’s expansive pastures are forgiving and

Forgiving another forgives yourself
Inundated daily
By suffering of temporal existence
Which blows away like
The lightest and softest snow
On the very top
As gust greets morning on mountain

Same as we are thrust through space
Inside a primordial energetic seashell schwirl
Accepting the outcome
That informs each next moment

The softest snow blown off the top
Hits the cold atmosphere and
Becomes unfeeling and harder
Falling back to grounding at lower elevation
Having a snowflake epiphany
Melting into the warm dirt
Sunrays on brown earth

I know now I get it
Forgiving another forgives yourself
It’s universal beeswax
Not mine
Not yours

Blowing off the very top
The softest snow turns cold and hard
Then disintegrating falling melting evaporating
Back into the cycle again and
Here we go again!

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