Friday, February 27, 2009

What may be now be in idioms

I'm not clear that I think
in the way that you think
because I hear you speak
and that's all we can be now

is language in bodies
ghost in the machine

it's as if I'm poorly subtitled,
and you'll never understand my idioms

Do you hear me?
whistling in the dark
abundance of albatross
hung round my neck

but I am true blue
I am the real Mccoy

and all I want is some truth,
or to be understood


Anonymous said...

My goodness! this may be the most beautiful poem I've ever read on walking english. I never knew you felt this way about underground magazines. Don't worry I can read into these things and I got your number like a chicken in a barn and the roosters on the roof. Man I love when worlds collide or revolve around me.

tom said...

you stopped my heart.