Monday, March 30, 2009

NJ Turnpike Poem

the Pulaski Skyway rises
in all its black steel glory
and Elizabeth Seaport
stinks on the horizon
as Newark Airport
passes by in a blur
of jet fuel and runway lights

I'm missing home, tonight.
I'm missing all my old haunts
the sounds of the city in my ears
lulling me to sleep at night

The road is all glass
reflecting headlights and taillights
shimmering red and white lights
on black pavement canvas

and it's here I realize
how beautiful all this ugly is
and it's here I realize
how perfect a bridge looks
through the night in the rain
and it's here I realize
I wanna be buried within view of
all these cargo ships and bridges
and the Pulaski Skyway
in all it's black steel and glory

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