Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Liked Congo Lights

people often forget that
poetry is an art form
I'm sure alot of critics
thought Pollack's paintings were chaos
they showed no artistic talent
but now they are revered
personally, I don't get it

but that's what I love about art
and so thats what I love about poetry
art is completely subjective
different people take away
different meanings

you might see this as
a poem about art
or a poem about
poetry as an art form
I might think this
as a love letter for
a dear friend
that just got a bad review


Anonymous said...

Bad Review, Send it to me! :) or is that the digg that we got from that drunk "punk rock" guy? ~J.J.
ps. Love you too Randall!

joe said...

it's the rant I read about on facebook.