Friday, March 13, 2009

two beers some coffee and a few miles in

crazy, i dont think i've felt this way in a while, im sure that in any place it all keeps going on when your not looking or thinking or reading a book, lighting a match licking a stamp, the wonderful the beautiful the endless and the dream...i keep looking back at all of you thinking such treasures of sking and backbone and mind, my collection of intellect old new borrowed and often blue what with winter coming and going so freely these days...look at life and the passing of time and place and wind...wind... so i'm tragic and beautiful and a combonation of things we taught each other and promised never to remember, i dig all this future we might actually get to....woke up cold shaddow and sun whisper through cracked blinds and old familliar windows, steal a glimpse again of freedom to choose and to right and to left and to nowhere fast but often somewhere slow and steady i supose, got a dream and in it some players and pawns and crooks rooks and fiends with perfect tales and ombiance and maybe in a nother but this ones got a full dance card ...sample night and day and coffee stain and swirling little disco lights for some other traveler, got a steak knife carving names in the back of my mind for stories you tell the grand kids where you leave in the blood and guts and take out the sexual revolution...i know i know, its been done... so a little bit of what i'm sending out to spin the time is always it and nothing seems to trap this like the down hill in your skivies...can you tell me whats around the bend there baby, can you peer over the horizon and fortell the everything to come? we'll love, if thats the way you see things, do me a favor, keep it to yourself...


a bottle of asprin and a ship setting sail for asphalt seas


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