Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I was in this joint
downing my shitty beer before it got too warm
when a man next to me said
so I looked around
If heaven is in a filthy strip club
where the fuck is hell?
heaven is where you're over charged
for beer
and anything else, really
and dick teased for hours
with no satisfaction in sight
girls with c-section scars
pretending to love you
until you're broke
or broken


IsThisGuySerious said...

Dude, this shit is terrible. If this is your hobby, find a new one. IF this is your job, quit.

I read this to wife, and she called it ear rape.

Seriously, WTF? You are terrible at this. I've eaten alphabet soup and shit betters poem than this.

Unknown said...

Good work dude..
I like this work
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The Skylark