Friday, September 09, 2011

from a cold couch in the house of my love

Wake up smelling my own sweat
And a bottle I danced into the night with
Up with the dawn the dogs and the rooster crows
Up with a paining heart in my chest
I'm a mess

What can you come home to
When home is what you left
What can you turn to
After all, the times been spent
What have you got
Turned your pockets out
Again and again
An empty head

I don't miss myself when I'm gone

Tied a shoelace
Made a fist
Crossed your fingers
Wished for this

I'll be gone for weeks now
I'll be gone as dead
I'll be too tired form sleeping
And playin for pretend

Tossed a coin
Took a shot
Head on fire
Body shock

If  I never thought of you
If  I never came
If  I never thought of you
You would be the same

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