Thursday, September 08, 2011

shit end of the stick

The air was dry
I was dirty tired
And missin a home I hadn't made yet

You were there
You had cut your hair
And I was sad about it
Two ships in the night
Just passing by
You won't wake me in the morning
And a taste that was bad
Left in our mouths
From shit we ate
That rainy day
We went our ways
Smiles replaced

Now here in a home I have yet to make
One that was once yours
You no longer can take
I wish I could see you
For what you are now
And not just remember
Moments of ours

And part of me hates you
For shining your light
For rooftops and kisses
Stolen that night
That part of me hates you
The same part that regrets
those moments of weakness
Where I let you in

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