Monday, September 26, 2011

Thirsty Strangers in a House of Cards

The room was falling down around us
Paint chipped off the molding walls
Each morning waking my back to yours
A heavy fog in my lungs

Our bodies had melded together
Our hearts our wounds our clothes
But the room was falling down around us
As we tried to ignore our scars

So I took your knife and sliced my deepest vice back to life
Tracing the blade down lines the past had left
Bleeding out to let you in, to heal again
Then leaving you, salt in the wound, with the rest of them

Some loves you can't just hide
They live inside you like a parasite
You're sick with it for your life
Like a drug to get you by

You were the drug that got me by
And now you're an overdose
One more fall off the tightrope
Only this time I fall from great heights

And the room falls down around us
I hit the floor as the ceiling hits my head
Pinned under years of scars and buildings
My heart crushed with the weight of it

Loves the drug that'll kill us
it'll hang us by our necks till death
you see we're both in love with loving
and the ones we use it with

I'm an addict
just like you
between the walls of this room
you know everything

leave me, let me be.....
Alone again

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