Monday, October 10, 2011

what you get when you ask for it

Kirk met her in the bar of the Mont Blu after the show
She was tripped up and absent
Spent what seemed like hours trying to catch the bartenders attention
Bought five shots of tequila with her friends and threw em back like a deep breath
She had a white bangled tiger fanny pack hugging her hip and a black bear backpack with cans of cheap beer in it
There was no truth behind her smile that night, until she met him
She got jacked up and taught us all how to smoke a 4 inch cigarette
They watched the bar fill up then empty out again
picture time laps photography in slow motion
they talked about everything
"Keep no secrets between strangers
this evening" he said.
And in the morning, as the sun rose waking the rest of Tahoe
They followed each other around the whirling casino
Not wanting to let go
Glasses of rocks and whiskey full
Until management would have no more of it
So they packed their bags and left
Phones dead
Cat shit breath
She by westie, with two good friends
he in a limo, filled to the brim
And that's the way it went
Que sera sera
The end

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