Monday, October 10, 2011

the friends we were and the nothing we are

Don't you worry darlin
Well I'm through you know
being so unpredictable
Don't you worry darlin
I'm no longer a surprise
We'll take the low road darlin
The same road every time
Cause I wouldn't want to turn
the pretty world you've built
From out to the inside

No I wouldn't want to hurt you darlin
Or leave you like you left me
All tied up and confused my darlin
Questioning everything

What I want for you is simple darlin
Like names carved on a tree
Like the fog in San Francisco
Or vanilla coned ice cream
So don't you worry darlin
You can count on me

To make no noise
To shake your hand
To smile nice
without catching your eye
That's how benign
our friendship will be
Like we've met only once or twice
Not like we were once a team

And I'll tuck my love in an envelope
address it with your name
And keep it between a book folds
For some down the line rainy day
When your life turns outside in
And you long for a familiar friend
Who's love remains the same
long after times had it's way
long after the threat I was back then

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