Sunday, October 09, 2011

Melancholy Centerfold

my friend Josh and I have been fooling around with lines on our texty machines, this is our next big hit ;-)

Melancholy centerfold
Beautiful dangerous
Cherry red lips, gun in her purse
The bagman said three more dollars and girl you got the whole universe
Just three more dollars that's all it took for a million dollar smile in a short black skirt, we'll make it work...

Million dollar smile short black skirt, baby I got a chevy and a sleeveless shirt
A fix, a flight, she curves like the road with reckless class, she feels so old, she grabs my hand cause it's all she'll ever know
She's a crash and burn, crash and burn, she's a never learn

He's a young man in an old mans game. Its too much trouble sometimes to remember that name
At the end of the day on the front of the page, memories are all they make
That's all he can give, it's all she can take
She doesn't want your pretty words
They won't make her beautiful

Melancholy centerfold
all your secrets have been told
In black and white, on the news last night
Didn't you think to hide
Some deep inside
The dark and cold
To whisper to the reaper when he calls you home

Didn't you think to hide
some deep inside?
She doesn't want your pretty words....

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