Monday, January 14, 2013


I only came here to find a friendly face
I'm turned up high and walleyed
I'm rattling like a chimp in a cage
The pub is warm and dark
and everyone is smiling and leaned back
but no one's smiling at me
No one looks familiar
The speakers bleed a tune of joy
An old Irish waltz
I'm loud and alone
yawning out a chorus
Slam another drink against the bar
Whisper to myself
and answer out loud

Lemme have a tall Guinness
in a dusty glass with a whiskey knocker
I'm here to find a friendly face
I can't even find my own
I'm not looking for a number
I'm not looking for a kiss

Get the waitress over here
and tell her I can smell that brisket
and it's got me hovering in
like a cartoon bum
but my legs are just as silly
and my head can't find the roof
but some solid greasy protein
might bring me back tomorrow

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