Monday, January 14, 2013

The Sea gull

I'm swinging around this world
I'm fucking John Glenn
The worst thing you can do to me is let me touch the ground
Toss me a pretzel
with a pressed and hidden Alka Seltzer
and watch my belly blow

1 comment:

Gunther snow sheep... said...

Getting some tips on flow (cheating) by reading yer stuff here just now. Needed ideas on how to write with a flow thats not like "a nursery rhyme with too much thought" as my psych teacher wrote so eloquently on my last paper. (Yes psychology class... i actually have to WRITE in this class, to "expand the mindset and better understand the difference between a persons written word and actual thought" WTF?!?! He's a pompous ass and you have always written so effortlessly, so Im officially cheating by copying some of yer technique (but not yer words). Thanx hun ;)
P.s. hope alls good in yer world. ~hugs~