Saturday, January 26, 2013

some more arrangements of words

I'm learning how to live with
the rats in the attic
And taking each day as it comes
With or without panic

Ticktock ticktock
keep waking up
from this dream
of reality breaking

Turn your face into the rain when it hurts
Borrow the light from stars
Let the ringing in your deafer ear
sing to you all your favorite songs

My heart sailed away on the ship you kept in a bottle
That shattered the last time it stormed
It floated down river out into the open sea where it found a new home
It breathes like the waves now
Beats like wings of a seagull
And rolls back in just to tease at the shore

I'm learning to love the bottle and the courage i find at the bottom
Learning to lean in a little further
and speak without saying a word

It's letting go
Like an avalanche
And taking it all
Back in
Right before
Your heart implodes
Like a dieing sun

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