Saturday, September 30, 2006

The beach in the winter is a much different sight, a far cry from the bosom marked by tourists gaping mouths that is the jersey shore in summers full swing. There is a peace and calm that comes with the sharp bite of brisk air steaming in off the water along with all the scallop boats and bluefish charters.

Even the gulls have calmed.

The sky and the ocean meet at a color unseen in months, the wisp of winter clouds mingle like a reunion of friends from different cultures and backgrounds cast away during the warmer times.The sky that shows through blends to a perfection atop a cold blue sea.

The waves roll in with ease.

The blades of grass bounce along the tops of the dunes. Afternoon joggers and an asian fisherman pass by. He fishes this spot with assertion, claiming it. The wind cracks my lips. I rejoice acceding with it.

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