Thursday, September 21, 2006

what yall left me with

at 4pm....
you get home
i'll still be druk
and more alone
but content
under liquiors frame
and more or less
less deranged
and all the wine
on parkways time
has hit me harder
than you can define
but i'll be drunk
more than you know
more than the wistleling winds
can blow

here's to the words tomorrow will reflect
here's to the ones I wont forget
here's to the time we might have spent
on the all the minds we might have met
and the eggs we all consume to digest

now i can't even see the screen
to post the time that might have been
so I wont look
untill days break
of all to thoughts I've left at stake

here's to the spin
i fall in
and to a time
i won't foget

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