Friday, September 01, 2006


the glass in the street catches your eye and you can’t see
your mile, my marker and the sweat off a hot poker
branded faces, forgotten paces
all the places where your heart burns
and the hair on the back of your neck curls

can’t hide from the light and
your skin starts to tighten
you try to fight and
finding resistance
can’t break through the restraints
the wine crawling up yer feet
the time lost between blinks

the sunshine behind her strands of hair
forgotten there
no one is as intense as you are
silent dream stalker

background voice in a birdcage
the minor tune you just played
hair a mess
strings aflame
talking with the unknown fame

she falls to her knees
takes in a passing mountain breeze
wind through her hair
and down her cheek streams
a trail of tears that leads
back towards eastern shores

watch you take down that shot
the same as you breathe
could give you all i got
but you insist you wanna drink
could’ve been your rhythm
if you’d just take the lead
but i can no longer sit here
watching your stomach bleed
there's a door that you opened
now it's time, i take my leave

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