Friday, September 29, 2006

Brighton bar last wednesday

i went outside to smoke a cigarette, I found myself in saearch of the perfect place to take a piss. The troubles I had, the dive bars ive sat on a toilet in, but no, I had to find the perfect place tonight. So I turned right and found myself in a field of grass. Beautiful oasis that it was I was distraught to find a sign saying "no parking, private property". I took this as "parking my urine, federal offense". so my drunk ass took off and found that spot behind my car and as my release was well anticipated, I slowly gazed skyward. My eyes rested upon some constellation resembling a martini glass. how befitting my situation, as I was releasing just that which once could have come from this constellation, pouring straight down from those stars. How glorified I make taking a piss.

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