Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If We Ever Meet Again (for amms)


If we ever meet again
we could both watch the sea
turn a bright red,

then purple
as the seagulls flew past

to a better world, where white
was as close to gray
as there was

and the spray of salt water
warmed the bones
like steam.

Or maybe the trees
would all grow peaches

and a thousand of them
could be heard
hitting the earth
at all times,

splattering against the world
like pink plastic paint
spilled from a 4th story window.



It is possible too
that they are right,
and nobody will come

running up to us
from the center
of the circus tent

to sweep us off our feet.



I think
that should we ever
really meet again

it will be the earth
who bows down
and sighs
with deep relief.

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