Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When the World Around you has Changed (aka...Leaving Newmarket)

I guess you cant stay in one place forever,
because the world around you has changed,
but you,
you haven’t,
and the still waters that run deep
through this town seem distanced
now that you are not
supposed to be here.

There are tears
joined with heavy places
that come at me
like a mountain top
comes down the mountain,

and though it spins me out
I feel awake, knowing
the weight I will leave soon
to rest with this forgotten place
will go lumbering off to live
another of its many lives,
overlapping, as change
outlasts us all.

I am left with nothing
but a solitary goodbye.

No words exchanged,
only sedimentary salutes
as silence hovers over dirt.

No understanding glances,
just the quite footsteps
as I walk away,
shedding my skin
like a snake
who has caught fire
in the underbrush
and is fighting

for everything in his life.

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