Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The World Happens

I saw a man with a steel pole pulling his teeth out
--one by one with his fingers.
I saw a vegetable, dressed up like Francesco Guillamotti,
--curving around in a Lexus automobile.

I saw a skylight pointed straight at the sun
--to blind the children with time honored shame.
I saw a rickety old wooden man, pushed to hard
--to smell all the roses he saw, break into tears.

I saw a dovetail, homeless, because he wanted to be
--for god sakes.
I saw ten roller derbies, five Japans and two Germanys
--throw rocks to spike blessings with spite.

I saw a teeny-tiny hand emerge, and hold onto the light
--for a year before it was ripped proudly away by others.

I saw a swan in the economy and wished him well, but
--I had no yogurt covered raisin to offer, so I sat silently,
--hands folded and empty, with blue dragons in the rain.

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