Sunday, May 15, 2011

You Came into my Life (...for amms)

You came into my life
and out of my world, so fast
that the naked eye could not see it.

But you,
you saw it.
And me,
I felt it.

Yet still, lost moments
slipped past onto other moments
and the lives maybe lived
drifted like dust before us.

Enough to taste with our mouths
and sting our eyes on windy days,
but never enough to hold.

Never enough to run our hands through.
Never enough to pile up like sand
we could sculpt into a silly castle
and go running from

into the ocean, happy and free
as the waves of the sunlit sea
rolled just beyond us, breaking
before the lives we dreamed up
for each other could be ripped away
and carried
heartbreakingly into the
deep blue water.

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