Saturday, November 18, 2006

footprints on stone

Oh i love you...really....
that happened to me once

I appreciate your kindness, though you may be too generous
i would like to hear of your adventures.
should we meet?
No darlin, i’m just glad you’re in one piece
What you mean?
...language barrier sometimes catches on me
well two can play that game
Those terms are vague. I can’t chase shadows like I ues to.
Please be more specific, do you need rescue?
Just plead the 5th...then tell the jury how sexy I am.

We could have used your support. Why was your head so messy?
I feel dumb all over.
Maybe I should just cut my losses and not even bother.
For some reason that made me laugh
Any odd chance you’ve been possesed?
I’m ok with it just warn me if so thanks.

I’m in the woods now
your ride showed I take it?
I have an open passenger seat!
And we’re not going straight there...

So i’ve discovered

...the wind in my heart the wind in my heart the dust in my head the dust in my head the wind in my heart the wind in my heart....

So i’ve discovered

...come to drive them away....

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