Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sails a same

Pessimism runs freely and dualities conform with me
separated ideas bereave my only handle
Once a sparrow now an eagle soars majestic
Truth in serum soaks my blood cold an warm the same
Hate inspired suppressed in same and never the two shall cross
tawdry thoughts engross in conversations never uttered
Caught in the storm a forming opinion never to see the light of days
Almost becoming yet never believing two entwined at dusk
Thoughts provoking words invoking and not once grown in fruition
Twice the crossed met and once the two let but not to remember that truly
Compass turned moist and north not found the map has been lost at sea
coarsely was telling the tales of unveiling and not was the beckon of bequest
Untimely was spoken worse yet was the untaken of offers no pleads found
Crying the candle flickers quietly two bickers but others met in kind
Likesay yet we may con not for wot seems hold back a thought too long
Once a ships sails miss the sight of sails yet grieve not for wind takes all

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