Tuesday, November 14, 2006

pieces whole and otherwise

there's nothing but ghosts
in Durantze's voice
and in the rain drops

maybe Montana is an answer
maybe i'll see myself
in all that big sky

i've asked the drunk eyes
of every last soul
where they went wrong
i've chased forgotten holidays
across new continents
i've listened
to slow words
rock stars
and old women
i've been baptised
over and over and over

go ahead girl
but don't wish on just that one star
wish on the whole god damn
wine bottle
of heaven
for everything
for redemption, salvation, glory
and infinity

day dream quelude
all the perfections
of a television body

crazy fool
crazy for this life
barkin poems at the moon
cuz he knows
all the old prophets
did the same
and they like him
were born in stars
ago and away
dreams from the ether of primitive fog

the smoke hangs
in the car
like brimstone and afterlife

damaged by the wind
and empty bottles
the mind is an alleyway
newspaper blow
like godborn spirits
before birth
and the lighting
lets you know
what the next world
would be like

ricochet moonbeams
desert highway
growing old during sleep even

the gold
of the old
is the stories

matchbox romance
catches batting eyes unexpecting
cuz sometimes the serendipity
of random jukebox selection
leads to kisses and bed sheets

maybe this is just livin
the unearthed flavors of a
forgotten america

paul simon
about america
like it was his lost lover
or all of our lost lover
what is this somewhat life
ten thousand shapes
of a kaliedescope god breathing

i remember chicago
and the girl who
left me on the l train

candle wax
and an old man's whiskers
girl, just
candle wax
and an old man's whiskers

she's simply
and moonbeam
but you boy
you were the clouds
lazily drifting past
the full moon's
laughing face
all night long
all night long
and she told you
"those cats
in the alleyway
all about

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